Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm no natural runner

I am convinced that there is a running gene, and this gene has absolutely dodged me.  I hate running!  Running hates me! (as long as the feeling is mutual right!) To convince my body that it does indeed like running I have decided to run a marathon...not the smartest thing I have ever thought of doing!  To train for a marathon you need to run on average 500 miles!  WHAT?!?  That is JUST to train for it...isn't running 26.2 miles enough!? I have paid for the marathon already so I guess I must truck along.  I don't really think what I do can be called running...more of a wounded animal trying to escape it's untimely death walk/run.  I am working on changing my mind about running and I try to enjoy each training run I go on.  It is starting to work, I'm sickly looking forward to the 7 mile "long run" I have this Sunday.  To further punish myself I have committed to run the 2011 Vegas RAGNAR, which seems a lot more do-able for this wounded animal.  I am in fact currently wounded, I have a strange mass that has decided to take up residence on my shin.  I am not ignoring it though, I am a good girl seeking therapy for the new alien in my body.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon and I will continue to smile through the training runs instead of wincing in pain.  St. George here I come!!


  1. This is great, Jen! I am so proud of you! The way you are always challenging yourself and striving for your goals is very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Lexy! I do my best! :)